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Antimicrobial IR Panels - 350w-900w

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Our frameless aluminium or glass infrared heating panels with antimicrobial coating, this is an agent that interferes with the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Antimicrobial finishes, in particular, help prevent and restrict the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Listeria and Pseudomonas on contact surfaces.

The hygiene H panels are suitable for hospital and clean rooms, where foreign bodies are disruptive to the process, using this specially treated infrared panel, reduces the present of harmful bacteria, whilst still giving the innovative and energy efficient infrared.

Glass panels are coated on back with antimicrobial powered coating.

Sizes & Wattage

Sizes (mm) Rated Power Amps Coverage
595*595 350Watt 1.52 4.12-5.14㎡
595*1195 800Watt 3.47 11.93-13.33㎡
600*1100 Glass 900Watt 3.91 11.94-13.23㎡

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